Ventilation And Smoke Removal Systems

We produce complex ventilation systems and spare parts. Our Products: Curved air pipes and casings, Adapters and Tees, End Caps, Fire Fighting Valves, Valves, Air Pipelines, Filters, Sound Suppressors and Flexible Connectors, Cross-Pieces, Exterior Grille.

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Chimneys And Stainless Steel Objects

We provide Air-flue chimney systems, Chimneys for boiler housesInsulated chimneys, Extractor hoods, cyclonic separation systems, air conduits, and ventilation system elements, Furniture, metal racks, stainless steel drains, Custom made stainless steel products

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Steel Constructions

We offer high quality steel constructions made out of both rolled and weld metal, using regular and low-alloy steel. The production process is ISO 9001-2009 certified and we keep up very high quality control standards.

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The scobs and dust that appear during manufacturing are eliminated with the aspiration systems. Suitable aspirator ensures the security of manufacturing processes, improves working conditions, stimulates production capacity, lowers the amount of waste, increases fire and explosion safety, and prevents air pollution.

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Custom Manufacturing

For many years now TEZ has been known for its approach to implementing complicated orders. We are ready to execute customized orders and finding non-standard solutions. First and foremost it is important for us to fulfill our clients’ needs.

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We produce equipment and accessories for smoke removal and ventilation systems, aspirators, chimneys, standard and custom made products made of ferrous metals and stainless steel



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