Systemy wentylacyjne. Konstrukcje metalowe

We cut pipes, elbows, channels etc.

Band saw cutting is a mechanical method of processing of metal products and elements using a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels.
Aimed to cut elements out of various materials: construction, high-alloy, stainless, high-speed, light-alloy, and non-ferrous steel.

Advantages of band saw cutting:

  • Perfect for: pipes, elbows, structural channels, circles, steel ducts, I-beams, joists, hexahedrons, squares etc.
  • High quality finish
  • High precision
  • Small cuts (up to 1,5mm) help reduce waste
  • Up to 60° angle cuts
  • Cutting the elements that already have been packaged
  • No melted edges or hardened ends

You may order plasma cutting of your elements in our factory. Please call or send a request and our managers will contact you to assist in placing your order.

We are offering:

  • One-time orders for individual needs.
  • Commercial orders.
  • Contracting
  • Complex approach to work with metal

Individual approach

to each one of our clients


in non-standard production

Market leader

in price-quality ration

Optimal order


You may place your order personally on our factory, via phone or website. To speed up the realization process please send us specifications, drawings and other materials related to your order via e-mail or through the website.

Depending on your order, it may take us from a few hours up to a few days to process it. Specifications, drawings and other documents will help speed up the price and timing calculation process.

You may deliver your workpieces directly to our factory or order the delivery from our end. We outsource transportation but we are always happy to help our clients solve any questions or issues they have.

The cost of each order is calculated individually based on provided drawings and terms and conditions of cooperation. Our service fee depends on the complexity of your order, volumes, and other clients’ requests. For more details please contact our managers.

You may pay сash-less with respective additional documentation. Our managers will also be happy to find an individual solution.

The timing depends on the size of your order and is discussed individually. However, we always aim at meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.

Technical information

  1. Plasma cutting equipment by CCR Elektronic (Italy), AVE (Poland) with high end software to create the most complex elements.
  2. Turbo Mobil (Switzerland) equipment for spiral airducts up to 11 mm long (довжиною до 11міліметрів?!) and 1000 to 1400 mm in diameter.
  3. Tormec Arc slitting machines to produce shaped elements.
  4. Project and technical support – implementation of new products, consultancy.
  5. Automated line for production of rectangular air ducts (SENTE, Turkey).
  6. Mechanical cold press machine for:
  • making holes;
  • bending;
  • carving.
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We produce equipment and accessories for smoke removal and ventilation systems, aspirators, chimneys, standard and custom made products made of ferrous metals and stainless steel



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